Welcome to Higher Learning Hoops

Our mission is to create the next generation of leaders in the classroom, on the court, and in our community.

Our purpose is to connect students, coaches, or parents with the skills necessary to compete at an elite level as well as become valuable assets to society.

Our vision is to see a world where everyone has excess to equal educational, athletic, and health resources.

What’s Your Edge?

Edge is Higher Learning Hoops provides an athlete with intense individual or small group training sessions. These sessions can be held as often as an athlete would like. Each session is designed to improve an athlete’s knowledge of the game as well as their strength and conditioning. As each athlete practices ball handling, shooting, and defense they will gain the self- confidence necessary to make any team. Each athlete will improve their fundamental skills and will learn the value of team work, hard work, and discipline. First Training Session is Free! Schedule your training sessions today!

Sponsorship Opportunities

Higher Learning Hoops is always looking for ways to enhance the quality of its programs for its participants. Please consider being a Higher Learning Hoops partner and allow us to help your organization with expanding its brand.