It is our mission at Higher Learning Hoops to equip athletes, parents and coaches with all the skills necessary to compete at the next level.  Higher Learning Hoops does not only focus on the athletic skills of an individual, however we strive to make each person we come in contact with a valuable asset to their community. We believe that Coaches and Athletes are seen as Role Model and leaders in the community. We must use this voice to educate, inform and inspire the next generation.  Higher Learning Hoops has taking on this challenge.

Higher Learning Hoops is in partnership with local and statewide agencies to combat some of the problems we are facing in our society.  Teenage pregnancy, high dropout rates, low graduation rates, high infant/teenage mortality rates are all major issues in the United States.  Higher Learning Hoops Programs like Dare to be Different, Princess In Pink & Kick for Kids are designed to give kids all over the world the chance to enjoy the benefits of sports not matter their sex, economic status or educational resources.  These programs focus on the role sports can play in the personal life skill development of youth in the community. For detailed information pertaining any of our programs email us at