Dare to be Different Program is a component of Higher Learning Hoops that encompasses both individual and societal level prevention and intervention strategies.  It seeks to influence attitudes, beliefs and behaviors of youth in the Jacksonville area. This component’s main goal is to utilize athletics to teach youth about self-confidence, hard work, and discipline. Dare to be Different is a program designed to ensure youth are engaging in positive activities with their peers which allows personal growth. Sports will not only improve their physical health, but also mental health of students. By focusing on teamwork, responsibility and accountability this program will allow for its participants to become more self-aware.  This program focuses on the role sports can play in the personal development of youth. Dare to be Different will be held at EWC from June10 the through July 11th every Tuesday & Thursday for an hour.  Children will participate in a different sport each week while they learn more about protecting themselves, HIV/AIDS prevention, and teen pregnancy. Students will engage in activities that help them learn about refusal skills, germs, the body’s immune system and how AIDS affects the body through games.  Each student will receive a PlayBook.  The PlayBook is a tool compiled of different material the students will receive during the weeks.  This Playbook is something that students will be able to use to guide them in life after they have completed this program.

PlayBook Topics :

-Learning about Yourself

-Goal Setting

-Time Management



-Self-esteem / Self-respect

-Peer Leadership

-Positive Encouragement / Positive Motivation


-Mental Toughness



Weekly Schedule :

Tuesday June 11th  – Let’s get to work. Boot Camp style.

Thursday June 12th– Learning about the Body.  Basic Speed & Agility Training. Focus on Athletic Movement

Tuesday June 18th– Fundamentals of sports. Passing, catching, jumping, running, hitting.

Thursday June 20th– Baseball

Tuesday June 25th– Basketball

Thursday June 27TH – Soccer

Tuesday July 2th- Football

Tuesday July 9th- Team Competitions ( Gym or outside )

Thursday July 11th – Individual Competitions & Awards


We will track and record:

–       How many push-ups each guy can do in 30 seconds

–       How many pushups each guy can do in a minute

–       How many sit-ups each guy can do in a minute

–       How many sit-ups each guy can do in two minutes

–       How long it takes each guy to run a 40-yard sprint

–       How many passes each guy can catch out of 30

–       How many squat jumps  each guy can do in a minute

–       Vertical Jump of each guy

–       Broad Jump of each guy