April 29, 2016


Lupus Fight Takes Over the First Coast for the Month of May

Jacksonville, FL – With May being national lupus awareness month, the First Coast Lupus Fight Foundation is teaming up with local businesses to paint the city purple in honor of the chronic illness. Crown Capital Group joins the FCLFF to proudly present Tea Time: The Hold On To Hope Tea Party at Blue Sky Golf Club on May 22 at 4pm.

This 1st annual event will feature some of the city’s most influential people conversing over tea, and an occasional cocktail, on the green. Tea Time will feature live music from a band, visual performance art and vendors as well as an outpour of information about Lupus and how the disease is affecting citizens of the first coast.

FCLFF is happy to offer support, funding and activities to the Lupus community of North Florida. They provide support to lupus warriors and their families as well as their communities through social events, health forums, walks, and volunteer opportunities.

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune illness that affects over 5.5 million people worldwide. Currently, in the US 1.5 million people suffer with this disease 100,000 of those people are Floridians. There is no cure YET but you can show your support by helping transform Lupus form a death sentence to an eternal beacon of hope. May is official Lupus awareness month. Show your support during the Month of May for those battling with Lupus by joining FCLFF at the following events:

  • Non Profit Expo at Art Walk, May 4, 6pm at Hemming Plaza
  • Lupus Awareness Month Kick Off, May 6, 8pm at Suite at St. Johns Town Center
  • Laps 4 Lupus, May 14, 9am at Ed White High School
  • Tea Time: Hold On to Hope Tea Party, May 22, 4pm at Blue Sky Golf Club
  • Praising with a Passion: Lupus Benefit Concert, May 27, 6pm at TBA

For more information visit www.FirstCoastLupusFight.Org