IMG_799462721912831Victoria Monyei

My name is Victoria Onyeka Monyei. I am a Nigerian, born on the 14th day of November 1996.

Am a junior at Hamilton Heights Christian Academy, Chattanooga, Tennessee. Am a 5’10 guard, have once won the MVP title and the best three point shooter on different school tournaments. This summer I can not wait to be play with Coach Sheffield & the North Florida Lady Spartans Elite.

My goals are to play basketball professionally(WNBA), to represent my country on national assignments and to give back to the society in the best way possible.

I believe with hard-work, determination, good attitude and with GOD almighty all these can be made possible.

My best quotes are;

With GOD nothing is impossible

You don’t have to be GREAT to START but you have to START to be GREAT


Hard-work beats talent when talent fails…..