Hi my name is Olivia Morris and I am a senior at Douglas Anderson School of the arts, but I play basketball for Andrew Jackson High school. I play the center position. My favorite part of basketball is executing the screen and roll. I also love running a disciplined zone defense. As an individual player I can sprint the floor good for a post player and, I’m good at receiving the lob pass for and easy two point down low. My best move is the drop step towards the middle, and I’m good when it comes to shooting the elbow jumper. When I get the offensive board, I am always looking to put it back up and score. My wide wing-span helps me protect the basket well when the other team is trying to inbound the ball on the baseline. I always keep a positive attitude but if it’s time to really get extremely serious with a teammate then I will do it. I plan to lead my high school team a long way this season. After high school I plan to attend college and get my major in business, or if that doesn’t work out then I plan to get my major in communications. I want to earn my master’s degree and be the most successful I can be.