How has Higher Learning Hoops changed my life?

Well for starters, I’ve become a really good basketball player! Working with Coach Sheff has helped me improve so much! The AAU season was a blast! I had so much fun with all my “basketball buddies!” During every practice, I always knew to work my hardest! When I first started working with Coach Sheff, I was shocked at how great of a coach she was! I would come home from practice exhausted, but I knew that it was for the best!

Would I recommend Higher Learning Hoops to other basketball players?

Definitely! Higher Learning Hoops was the hardest and best camp I have ever been to! And I’ve been playing basketball for 4 years, and I’ve never experienced something like this! Even if you only have a 2 hour practice, Coach Sheff and the other Coaches make it the best two hours they can! Coach Sheff taught me so many drills and pointers for games. Coach Sheff isn’t just a basketball coach, she’s a role model! I am so happy to have spent this summer with her, and I can’t wait until next season!

Overall, Higher Learning Hoops is the best basketball camp I’ve ever been to! It has truly made me the person I am now, on and off the court!

Tori Zlatanoff

My daughter has been playing under Coach Sheffield since she was in 7th grade. She has learned so much and improved dramatically under her coaching. She has learned to work hard and never give up. The coaches in this program really care about the players and it shows in how they inspire them on and off the court.

This program is not just about basketball, although it is a great basketball club. The coaches are selfless in their determination to inspire Godly young ladies to make an impact on others and their community.

We have been truly blessed by our experience with Coach Sheff and all of the coaches on staff. Our daughter loves them and looks up to them greatly and would not be the player she is without their influence.


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